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Andrés Marín's Biography

National Dance Prize 2022
Giraldillo Dance Award 2020

Andrés Marín is one of the most singular dancers of the current flamenco scene. His productions have focused on the flamenco tradition and specifically on the classical songs, but not from a conventional perspective, but through a very personal style and an aesthetic of absolute contemporaneity. Choreographer, artistic and musical director of his own company, his creations reflect the expressive freedom of a deep artistic research. From there is born a poetics rich in suggestive images, at the service of his commitment to art and to himself. He is currently one of the great renovators of the genre.

Andrés Marín was born in Seville in 1969. The son of flamenco artists, he has lived the art since he was a child, both through dancing at his father's school, as well as singing, of which he is a great fan and profound connoisseur. If there is a trait that defines his career, it would be that of independence and non-attachment to any company or school beyond his father's teaching. Self-taught and unclassifiable, he began his professional career in 1992 as a soloist and choreographer for different shows and events until he founded his own company in 2002.

In all of Andrés Marín's works, experimentation and risk reign, elements that the artist considers essential for flamenco art to stay alive: Más allá del tiempo (2002), Asimetrías (2004), El alba del último día (2006), Vanguardia Jonda (2006), El cielo de tu boca (2008), La pasión según se mire (2010), Op.24 (2011), Tuétano (2012), Ad Libitum (2014), Yatra (2015), Carta Blanca (2015), D.Quixote (2017), La Vigilia Perfecta (2020) and Éxtasis Ravel (2021). His creations have been welcomed by the main European circuits, both in the flamenco genre and contemporary dance among which are the Maison de la Danse de Lyon, the Teatros del Canal de Madrid, the Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris, Sadler's Wells in London, the Biennale de Flamenco in Seville, Montpellier Danse, the Musée National Picasso-Paris, the Opera de Lille, the Lucent DansTheater in The Hague, the National Opera of Latvia, the Théâtre de la Ville de Paris, the MC2: Grenoble, Festival de Danse de Cannes, the Biennale d'Art Flamenco de Paris, the Festival de Nîmes, the Festival de Jerez, Flamenco Viene del Sur, the Sala Pleyel in Paris, the Festival ¡Mira! Festival and the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona.

A restless artist, always in search of new ways to submerge the flamenco tradition in uncharted waters, Andrés Marín has collaborated with artists from various disciplines throughout his career in the conviction that flamenco can dialogue without complexes with other arts:
Pilar Albarracín, visual artist. Action for video "Bailaré sobre tu tumba" (2004).
Blanca Li, choreographer. "Poeta en Nueva York" (2007-2008) Nominated for the Max Awards for Best Male Dance Performance for his role as Lorca.
Llorenç Barber, experimental composer (bells). "E"l Cielo de tu Boca" (2008-2011).
Bartabas, director of the equestrian and musical theater Zíngaro. "Golgota" (2013-2016).
Kader Attou, hip-hop dancer and director of the National Choreographic Center of La Rochelle (CCN). "Rencontres" (2014) and "Yatra" (2015-2018).
Ensemble Divana, musicians from Rajasthan. World Sacred Spirit Festival 2016, Jodpur (India).
Laurent Berger, playwright and director of contemporary theater. "D.Quixote" (2017-2019).
Marie-Agnés Gillot, dancer Étoile. Christian Rizzo, choreographer, audiovisual artist. "Magma" (2019-2021).
José Miguel Pereñíguez, visual artist. "La Vigilia Perfecta" (2020), "Éxtasis Ravel" (2021)
Jon Maya, Basque dantzari. "Yarin" (2022)

The artist combines his choreographic and artistic activity with the direction of Andrés Marín Flamenco Abierto, a production office and his own dance studio based in Seville.