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In order to say what "El Cielo" is not, we'll call it a fantasy. It doesn't describe events, or even the stirrings of the soul. But impressions, visions. Audible and tangible deeds. From the asceticism of "Means," a mere contemplation of nature, that is to say, of man, of the physiognomy of his sound organ.

Up to the extasis of "Merging bodies", the drunkeness of dissolving into another and into everything. All by way of contemplation, because it is through contemplation that action and fusion arise. Following the manner of the renaissance mystics, this isn't merely a choreographic proposal, but a healing experience (or illuminating, or simply receptive). A revelation, an encounter with our corpus delicti. A revision of the modern "Science of love" which Plato presents in the Socratian dialogues. Give birth to light, be light. Inhabit our light, our darkness.

"El Cielo de tu Boca" is an encounter with the body, with our own body, with our internal song and dance. A probe into the depths that will surprisingly reveal that it all begins in our skin, in the roof of our mouths.

The bell is a metaphor that was introduced into our beings, in our eardrums, as flamenco was, through the byzantine culture, in the 5th or 6th century. The delicious scientific mystery that "consumes and allows no pity" arrived to the western world in the Greek modal scales and bronze bells. Through this intimate secret, the art of flamenco has traversed the metaphor of the bell, from is origins in Amparo la Campanera, up to Estampío and his "Zapateado de las Campanas". Continuing through the "Campana Gorda", that is none other than Antonio Chacon. "El Cielo" will give voice to this secret...great voice.

If, for a second, we can get the audience not to question what they see, not try to classify and label but simply to feel their own bodies, their skin, the heaven of their mouths (what we feel in the process of creating this piece and during its performance), we will consider our objective accomplished.


Première in the XV Bienal de Flamenco in Sevilla
September 22nd and 23rd, 2008. Teatro Central.

dance Andrés Marín
bells and polyphonics Llorenç Barber – guest artist
guest singers Segundo Falcón, José Valencia, Enrique Soto
guitarist Salvador Gutiérrez
percussion Antonio Coronel

artistic direction and dramaturgy Andrés Marín, Salud López, Santiago Barber, Juan Vergillos
choreography Andrés Marín
assistance choreography Salud López
musical direction Andrés Marín, Salvador Gutiérrez
scenic direction Salud López, Andrés Marín
espacio escénico Santiago Barber, Salud López
audiovisuals Yvan Schreck
scenography construction Sebastian Iampietro
documentation Juan Vergillos
lighting design Ada Bonadei (VanCram)
sound technician Rafael Pipió
executive production Andrés Marín
production Andrés Marín Flamenco Abierto S.L. / Agencia Andaluza para el Desarrollo del Flamenco
distribution Andrés Marín Flamenco Abierto S.L.
duration 1h20 no intermission


Sep 22, 2008EL CIELO DE TU BOCASevilla (ES)Teatro Central
Sep 23, 2008EL CIELO DE TU BOCASevilla (ES)Teatro Central
Oct 26, 2008EL CIELO DE TU BOCAAmsterdam (NL)PerpertuumM Foundation
Oct 26, 2008EL CIELO DE TU BOCAAmsterdam (NL)Muziekgobouw
Nov 10, 2008EL CIELO DE TU BOCAArcachon (FR)Théâtre Olympia
Nov 12, 2008EL CIELO DE TU BOCABordeaux (FR)Théâtre National de Bordeaux en Aquitaine
Nov 13, 2008EL CIELO DE TU BOCABordeaux (FR)Théâtre National de Bordeaux en Aquitaine
May 13, 2009EL CIELO DE TU BOCAMálaga (ES)Teatro Cánovas
May 18, 2009EL CIELO DE TU BOCAGranada (ES)Teatro Alhambra
Jul 01, 2009EL CIELO DE TU BOCAMontpellier (FR)Montpellier Danse
Jul 02, 2009EL CIELO DE TU BOCAMontpellier (FR)Montpellier Danse
Nov 05, 2009EL CIELO DE TU BOCABarcelona (ES)Mercat de les Flors
Nov 06, 2009EL CIELO DE TU BOCABarcelona (ES)Mercat de les Flors
Nov 07, 2009EL CIELO DE TU BOCABarcelona (ES)Mercat de les Flors
Nov 08, 2009EL CIELO DE TU BOCABarcelona (ES)Mercat de les Flors
Nov 12, 2009EL CIELO DE TU BOCACádiz (ES)Gran Teatro Falla
Jan 19, 2010EL CIELO DE TU BOCANîmes (FR)Théâtre de Nîmes
Jan 21, 2010EL CIELO DE TU BOCACreil (FR)La Faïencerie
Jan 22, 2010EL CIELO DE TU BOCAFontenay Sous Bois (FR)Salle Jacques B
Aug 13, 2010EL CIELO DE TU BOCALisboa (PT)Centro Cultural de Belém
Oct 17, 2010EL CIELO DE TU BOCAFerrol (ES)Teatro Jofre
Jan 16, 2011EL CIELO DE TU BOCAAlfortville (FR)Pôle Culturel
Feb 18, 2011EL CIELO DE TU BOCAParis (FR)Salle Pleyel
Nov 23, 2011EL CIELO DE TU BOCACannes (FR)Theatre Debussy


LE MONDE 07/05/2009
"El Cielo de tu Boca left the audience of Montpellier Danse amazed. We could even say that the Festival finished brilliantly."
(Rosita Boisseau)

"(Andrés Marín) has presented an endeavor of great elaboration and curious originality...(he danced) a highly personal farruca that we could expect to see, perhaps, in fifty years from now: Andrés premiered it last night. That´s Andrés."
(Manuel Bohórquez)

ABC 09/23/2008
"El Cielo de tu Boca simply invites us to listen and to watch. Andrés Marín listened to Llorenç Barber and together with this prestigious musician y bellmaster, has effected a show that is midway between dance and performance; between flamenco and experimental music."
(Marta Carrasco)

"Andrés Marín, in his path of investigation based in flamenco, didn´t fail to contribute to this Bienal his peculiar way of conceiving dance, and above all, music. (...) flamenco enthusiasts enjoyed the best of Andrés´dancing in the farruca and seguiriya. A dance as special and as syncopated as always but last night flowed towards the audience like never before."
(Rosalía Gómez)

CRN GIRALDA (TV) 'Bienal al punto'
"He is one of the most brilliant dancers of our times. An explorer of new forms who reinvents himself each day. His dancing is a cry for freedom of expression in the world of flamenco dance."
(Antonio Ortega)

"Andrés Marín's personal quest seems to know no limits. The Sevillian bailaor has premiered what might be the most experimental show of all the ones which have been seen at this festival. (...)He's seen here as more of a musician than ever. There's no room for anyone that isn't daring in 'El cielo de tu boca'. And the bells ring..."
(Silvia Calado)

"It's always gratifying to make the personal discovery of a genius, regardless of whether you're the last person to recognize that genius, or few people have ever taken notice of the individual. Dancer Andrés Marín, whom I saw for the first time several years ago, is a genius who enjoys (suffers?) both conditions."
(Estela Zatania)


    El cielo de tu boca