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'Yarin' is root. 'Yarin' is encounter. 'Yarin' is dialogue.

We find two men who look from their roots, who explore them as a way to relate to their surroundings. They arrive with their own origin and essence, they present an encounter to us; they dialogue... The dialogue is not always easy, it’s built by listening, respect... Sometimes it brings us together, sometimes it distances us, sometimes it makes us tense... and also embraces us.

'Yarin' presents us with an intercultural encounter, where the dantzari (traditional Basque dancer) Jon Maya and flamenco dancer Andrés Marín, accompanied with live music by Julen Achiary, meet each other on the basis of an honest dialogue, showing their differences and their desire to share through them a common path towards tomorrow.


premiere XXII BIENNIAL DE FLAMENCO in Seville on September 29, 2023

dancers Andrés Marín, Jon Maya
live music Julen Achiary
choreography Andrés Marín, Jon Maya, Sharon Fridman
dramaturgy Sharon Fridman
assistance with choreography Melania Olcina
lighting and stage area escénico David Bernués
sound space design Xabier Erkizia
creative production Doltza Oar-Arteta
costume design Ikerne Giménez
technical team Acrónica Producciones
management and administration Elena García
production Kukai Dantza
collaborating entities and co-producers Seville Flamenco Biennial, Bilbao Sala BBK, Errenteria Town Council, Festival Escenas de Patrimonio, Itálica Festival, Malandain Ballet Biarritz, San Sebastian Victoria Eugenia Theatre, Etxepare Euskal Institutua, Mikel Laboa Katedra


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