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Cambiaste el sol por la luna
Y agua dulce por salobre
El mar por una laguna
El oro por fino cobre
Media naranja por una

You changed the sun for the moon
And fresh water for salt water
The sea for a lake
Gold for fine copper
Half an orange for a whole one

Asimetrías proposes the creation of a space for the development of dance. This space is conceived from an asymmetrical perspective, blending tradition and the avant-garde, paying tribute to the most authentic flamenco personalities and styles.

Two guitars and three voices present the different images Andrés Marín interprets on stage, where the search for the conflict inherent in the flamenco spirit lies latent in its essence.

Various instruments venture to complete the musical vision Andrés has of his show, including non-traditional instruments such as the trompet.

Asimetrías represents the search for an artistic protrayal of the different visions of man concerning the same act. Andrés looks to the past with the breath of the first creation. From there, his dancing is born.


Metales, the first piece, develops through a Siguiriya and various Cantes de Fragua (Songs of the Forge), orchestrated with guitars, singing, percussion and metals. Andrés dances on a sheet of steel, ending with a Martinete in which the percussion of the dance recreates the sound of a forge.

ESPEJISMO (milonga)

A Cante de ida y vuelta – a style of singing with a South American flavour –changes the emotional atmosphere with the strings of a Milonga.

LUZ DE CÁDIZ (tanguillos)

This Tanguillo, a festive yet little-used style, allows us to enjoy the mischief, sensuality and coquettishness of the three female dancers.

MARCHENA (taranto)

A tribute to the great master Pepe Marchena, who from the darkness of the deep mines, brought to light the joy of the Cantes de Levante (Songs from the eastern provinces).


Three soulful dance pieces from Cordoba which reflect the beauty of Cordoban Alegrías.

GENERACIÓN DEL 27 (fandango)

Fandangazo. A deeply felt song which expresses the singers' hurt and pain. Seven fandangos filled with the power of three voices, a duel with loneliness.

Taken from the most celebrated fandangueros in the History of Flamenco, with texts by poets Rafael Alberti, Miguel Hernández and García Lorca, each arranged with their own short melodies.


From memory to freedom. From the mundane to the sublime. And the winding road, which whitens, becomes blurred and disappears.
These styles are recreated in a Soleá de Triana, a Soleá de Charamusco and a Soleá de Alcalá.


Première in the XIII Bienal de Flamenco in Sevilla
September 29th, 2004. Teatro Central.


dancer Andrés Marín
female dancers Úrsula López, Leonor Leal, Elena Algado
singers José Valencia, Londro, Encarna Anillo
guitarists Canito, Salvador Gutiérrez, Antonio Rey
percussion Daniel Suárez
trompet Irapoan Freire
tambourine Alvaro Garrido


dancer Andrés Marín
female dancers Leonor Leal, Ana Morales, Marta Arias
singers José Valencia, Londro, Rosario "La Tremendita"
guitarists Salvador Gutiérrez, Javier Patino
percussion Antonio Coronel
trompet Irapoan Freire


artistic direction Andrés Marín
choreography Andrés Marín
music Canito, Salvador Gutiérrez, Antonio Rey, Andrés Marín
lighting design Francis Manneart
scenic design José Antonio Reguera
lighting technician Francis Mannaert
sound technician Rafael Pipió
costumes Fernando Ligero
shoes Menkes
production Andrés Marín
distribution Andrés Marín Flamenco Abierto S.L.
production Andrés Marín / Junta de Andalucía Consejería de Cultura/ Arte y Movimiento, S.L.
duration 1hr 25 without intermission


Sep 29, 2004ASIMETRÍASSevilla (ES)Teatro Central
Oct 14, 2004ASIMETRÍASAnnecy (FR)Bonlieu Scène Nationale
Oct 15, 2004ASIMETRÍASMontigny le Bretonneux (FR)
Oct 19, 2004ASIMETRÍASNarbonne (FR)
Nov 17, 2004ASIMETRÍASLyon (FR)Maison de la Danse
Apr 16, 2005ASIMETRÍASValence (FR)
Jun 27, 2005ASIMETRÍASParis (FR)Théâtre des Abesses
Oct 08, 2005ASIMETRÍASSuresnes (FR)
Jan 06, 2006ASIMETRÍASPerigueux (FR)
Jan 09, 2006ASIMETRÍASGradignan (FR)
Jan 12, 2006ASIMETRÍASRochefort (FR)Centre Culturel des Rochs
Jan 13, 2006ASIMETRÍASPoitiers (FR)
Jan 17, 2006ASIMETRÍASLe Mans (FR)
Feb 14, 2006ASIMETRÍASLondon (UK)Sadlers Wells
Mar 06, 2006ASIMETRÍASJerez de la Frontera (ES)Teatro Villamarta
May 03, 2006ASIMETRÍASChalon Sur Soane (FR)
May 05, 2006ASIMETRÍASSceaux (FR)
May 09, 2006ASIMETRÍASBayonne (FR)
Apr 26, 2008ASIMETRÍASOviedo (ES)Teatro Campoamor


"The lesson that dancer Andrés Marín gave at Seville´s Teatro Central on Wednesday, September 29th was as magnificent as it was simple. He´s not the first person to seek a fresh look in flamenco, but he´s one of the very few, if not the only one, who has done so with absolute, almost blind faith in traditional forms."
(Estela Zatania)

"Without being over strident or exaggerated, with the lightest of touches, Asimetrías offers us another way of understanding flamenco. At the end of the show, the public, who gave him a standing ovation, understood this."
(Rosalía Gómez)

"If Picasso had danced flamenco, he would have danced just as this slender, serious and supernaturally talented artist. Last night (Andrés) presented the most interesting proposal of the Bienal. His new piece, Asimetrías, dazzled the audience."
(Manuel Bohorquez)

EL MUNDO 30/09/2004
"Andrés Marín, with no more than the honesty of his dancing and his unique aesthetic conception, has fulfilled his promise at the Bienal. His melodies and figures were as pleasing as the refreshing spring rains."
(Manuel Martín Martín)

"Deep-rooted avant-garde. Asymmetrical. Free. Abstract. Andrés Marín drifts away from the standard. And not because he is seeking to be different in a sensationalist way, but due to questions of personality."
(Silvia Calado)