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Andrés Marín: Dancing out of passion

Losing yourself in passion rather than losing your passion
Saint Augustine... or Kierkegaard, depending on how you see it

Much has been said and written about the dancing of Andrés Marín. It has been described as geometric, hieroglyphic, experimental and daring, and there are increasingly more of those who see in his far-from-academic silhouette – among the most striking in current dance – one of the most emblematic and creative dancers on the flamenco scene. Andrés Marín has already spent many years exhibiting his clasp knife profile and his graphic flamenco on the stages of the world, chancing all: appearing on a stage for him is a form of putting himself at risk, of questioning himself and also of exploring – and even probing – the essence of flamenco. A restless and passionate dancer, eschewing any kind of certainty, he is profoundly radical in the etymological sense of the word: a rooted dancer. He neither breaks from tradition for its own sake, nor clings to it out of a stupefying and sterile notion of its consecration: he has chosen a narrow path which has now led him to explore his own reading of flamenco, retracing his steps in order to rewrite it with the moderation dictated by his wisdom and emotional intensity.

Today we have this Pasión Según Se Mire, which is perhaps one of the dancer's most personal creations. If anything stands out about Andrés Marín it is the energy that moves him and the passion that inspires him: for the masters, for flamenco song, from the most absolute respect; and for his infinite admiration for his parents, his fundamental artistic sources. Herein lies his devotion to flamenco and out of this devotion come, as one, the superlative figures of the volcanic Concha Vargas, the telluric Lole, and the dynastic José el de la Tomasa. Artists and something more: irreplaceable evidence in his nuclear flamenco that gives body to this dialogue, echoes of an acutely present yesterday which future flamenco cannot do without.

The reading of passion that Andrés Marín offers us is opera aperta. He avoids any commonplace vision; he does not perform, stage or thematize but rather creates it, giving it to the audience to experiment with and inviting them to share the strength generated through his dance. The artist does not await the improbable encounter with it; he seeks it out, while allowing himself to be carried along by its momentum. And he has to move along a fragile frontier, in a brief interstice between pain and life force, with the body proud, sketching in the air an unlikely and defiant question mark in order to draw from it the most incandescent, divesting it of all its artifice and excesses. Converting the risk of being carried off by the destructive spiral into a potential creative force. Reducing it to pure energy entirely bent towards a single goal: finding the missing link, the Passion of passions.

Jean-François Carcelén
Grenoble, January 2010


Première in the XIV Festival de Jerez
March 3rd, 2010. Teatro Villamarta

baile Andrés Marín

artistas invitados Lole Montoya, José el de la Tomasa, Concha Vargas

cante José Valencia, Pepe de Pura

guitarras Salvador Gutiérrez, David Marín

laúd árabe Yorgos Karalis
marimba y percusión Daniel Medina
percusión flamenca Antonio Coronel
clarinete Javier Delgado
tuba José Miguel Sanz

coreografía Andrés Marín
dirección artística Andrés Marín, Pilar Albarracín
dirección musical Andrés Marín, Salvador Gutiérrez
diseño de luces Ada Bonadei (VanCram)

dirección técnica Ada Bonadei (VanCram)
sonido P.A. Rafael Pipió
sonido monitores Manu Meñaca
regiduría Balbi Parra

sastrería Teresa Baena
dibujos Sergio Pavón
fotografía Luis Castilla
diseño gráfico Fabulario
texto Jean-François Carcelén
producción ejecutiva Emilia Gallo, Daniela Lazary
producción Andrés Marín Flamenco Abierto S.L/ Agencia Andaluza para el Desarrollo del Flamenco

distribución Andrés Marín Flamenco Abierto, S.L./ Arte y Movimiento Producciones

Acto I

Al cante:
Lole Montoya
Pepe de Pura
José Valencia

Salvador Gutiérrez (Guitarra flamenca)
David Marín (Guitarra flamenca)
Yorgos Karalis (Laúd árabe)
Daniel Medina (Marimba)
José Miguel Sanz (Tuba)
Antonio Coronel (Percusión flamenca)

Al baile:
Andrés Marín con la colaboración especial de Concha Vargas

Acto II

Al cante:
Lole Montoya
José el de la Tomasa

Salvador Gutiérrez (Guitarra flamenca)
David Marín (Guitarra flamenca)
Daniel Medina (Marimba)
José Miguel Sanz (Tuba)
Javier Delgado(Clarinete)
Antonio Coronel (Percusión flamenca)

Al baile:
Andrés Marín


Mar 03, 2010LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SE MIREJerez de la Frontera (ES)Teatro Villamarta
Sep 20, 2010LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SE MIRESevilla (ES)Teatro Lope de Vega
Sep 25, 2010LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SE MIREDüsseldorf (DE)Altstadtherbst Theaterzelt
Sep 26, 2010LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SE MIREDüsseldorf (DE)Altstadtherbst Theaterzelt
Sep 27, 2010LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SE MIREDüsseldorf (DE)Altstadtherbst Theaterzelt
Jan 14, 2011LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SE MIRENîmes (FR)Théâtre de Nîmes
Apr 09, 2011LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SE MIREColomiers (FR)Teatro Hall Commiges
Apr 29, 2011LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SE MIRECreteil (FR)Maison des Arts
May 24, 2011LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SE MIREAmiens (FR)Grand Théâtre
Oct 15, 2011LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SE MIRELa Haya (NL)Lucent Danstheatre
Mar 31, 2012LA PASIÓN SEGÚN SE MIREMetz (FR)Théâtre de L'Arsenal



DIARIO DE JEREZ 03/04/2010
"Last night at the Teatro Villamarta, the unclassifiable Andrés Marín premiered La pasión según se mire, an atlas of unbridled emotions and impulses, which is perhaps his masterpiece (...). His forms of abstract, conceptual and expressionist dance, with his stylised torso, as if taken from a painting by Munch or Murnau's Nosferatu, are magnetic, hypnotic and disquieting."
(Francisco Sánchez Múgica)

"Genius, there is no other word. (...) It is the imaginative creation, the rupture from confining moulds, the most joyful Quixotism. Long live free art! Andrés Marín has passed into the history of our collective imagination."
(Luís Román)

EL PAIS 03/05/2010
"In this piece, Marín has combined enough varied elements to channel his dual passion, that of innovating and of being faithful to tradition at the same time. From this apparent contradiction emerges, in constructive dialectics, if not his most rounded work, certainly the most open."
(Fermín Lobatón)

"After the radical El cielo de tu boca, a dancer versus bells, what would be next? And the next is a gigantic step forward on the creative path of Andrés Marín. In La pasión según se mire the artist from Seville manages to consolidate both his conceptual and aesthetic discourse, exploring his roots and freedom more deeply than ever."
(Silvia Calado)

"Andrés Marín is someone who risks it all. Not to show off or to make the news, but because his qualities, his genius and his spiritual needs do not allow him any other path. He is, in my opinion, the most honest and upstanding flamenco dancer of our time."
(Estela Zatania)

DIARIO DE JEREZ - Review of the 14th Festival de Jerez - 03/15/2010
"Andrés Marín and Rafaela Carrasco presented in the first week two of the most surprising shows seen at this Theatre in recent years. Marín premiered La pasión según se mire, a provocative piece in which he pacifically and definitively closed the breach between the old and the new."
(Francisco Sánchez Múgica)

EL PAÍS - Review of the 14th Festival de Jerez - 03/15/2010
"Out of the five exclusive premieres of the Festival, the new creations by Andrés Marín and Belén Maya stood out in a panorama where the spirit of modernity has coexisted with tradition."
(Fermín Lobatón)


    La Pasión según se mire