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Somos sonos

"Among all the sounds we produce, the most intimate is the one that comes from deep within us."
Llorenç Barber

One dances, making use of his body, hearing, soul, inner feelings, shoes and long memory. The other plays, moves, imagines, and is inspired by the moment and by the other who is dancing. Dance and music find themselves immersed in a pulsating face-to-face exchange. A surprising meeting between Andrés Marín and the experimental musician Llorenç Barber. With the sonorous strikes of Barber's bells, Andrés Marín achieves a kind of mystical flamenco, a perfect geometry of movement, an unusual sense of imbalance, the art of rupture and passion for detail.

Their joint venture began in 2008 when Marín invited the master bell-player to participate in his fourth production, El cielo de tu boca. The show premiered at the Seville Flamenco Biennale and then travelled to the 2nd Dutch Flamenco Biennale and to contemporary venues such as the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona or the festivals ¡Mira! and Montpellier Dance in France.

Somos sonos is an open dialogue between the artists, which emerges out of the raw material of this encounter. Marín proposes a bold format to the audience, an approach stripped of artifice. White light, a static setting and starkness, as if it were a blank canvass, silence and bells; two artists who openly challenge each other on the stage. A stunning show that explores the territory of performance; a generous invitation to the audience to participate in a vibrant and unrepeatable experience.


première Museo Picasso de Málaga, 2010

artistic direction & choreography Andrés Marín
musical direction Andrés Marín, Llorenç Barber
dance Andrés Marín
bells & polyphonics Llorenç Barber


Nov 05, 2010SOMOS SONOSMálaga (ES)Museo Picasso
Dec 13, 2011SOMOS SONOSBrive (FR)Théâtre Les Treize Arche
Feb 14, 2012SOMOS SONOSGradignan (FR)



    ANDRES MARIN & Llorenç Barber