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With this show and from a modern perspective, Andrés Marín takes us into the world of the flamenco cafés of late 19th and early 20th century Seville.

Based on the freedom of expression that characterises his career and conceiving the show as a laboratory of creation, Marín, a standard bearer of rupture, explores the most important flamenco styles. A dialogue that starts rooted in tradition and ends in the most absolute freedom of expression, reinventing the codes and spirit of each style to create a living art.

Much has been said about this dancer classified by critics "as a Picasso, a Miró or the Nijinsky of flamenco dance". In short, a risk-taking dancer on a permanent quest for a more open and democratic flamenco.


Première Bonlieu Scène Nationale de Annecy, FRANCE, 2006

artistic direction Andrés Marín
musical direction Andrés Marín, Salvador Gutiérrez
choreography Andrés Marín
dance Andrés Marín
singer José Valencia
guitar Salvador Gutiérrez
piano Pablo Suárez
percussion Antonio Coronel


Jan 19, 2006VANGUARDIA JONDASevilla (ES)Sala Joaquín Turina
Mar 14, 2006VANGUARDIA JONDAAnnecy (FR)Bonlieu Scène Nationale
Mar 21, 2006VANGUARDIA JONDABlois (FR)
Mar 23, 2006VANGUARDIA JONDACherbourg (FR)
Jul 19, 2006VANGUARDIA JONDAGranada (ES)Corral del Carbón
Oct 07, 2006VANGUARDIA JONDASevilla (ES)Teatro Central
Feb 03, 2007VANGUARDIA JONDACahors (FR)
Feb 06, 2007VANGUARDIA JONDATulle (FR)
Feb 07, 2007VANGUARDIA JONDALimoges (FR)
Feb 08, 2007VANGUARDIA JONDASt Yrieix la Perche (FR)
Feb 09, 2007VANGUARDIA JONDASt Junien (FR)
Jul 30, 2007VANGUARDIA JONDAParis (FR)Festival Paris Quartir D'Été
Oct 12, 2007VANGUARDIA JONDAOloron Ste Marie (FR)
Nov 20, 2008VANGUARDIA JONDAIbos (FR)Parvis Scene Nationale Tarbes-Pyrenees
Jul 05, 2009VANGUARDIA JONDABandol (FR)Salle Jules Verne
Jul 29, 2009VANGUARDIA JONDAParis (FR)Festival Paris Quartir D'Été
Sep 16, 2010VANGUARDIA JONDABiarritz (FR)Théâtre du Casino
Sep 28, 2010VANGUARDIA JONDALyon (FR)Théâtre des Célestins
Sep 29, 2010VANGUARDIA JONDALyon (FR)Théâtre des Célestins
Sep 30, 2010VANGUARDIA JONDALyon (FR)Théâtre des Célestins
Oct 01, 2010VANGUARDIA JONDAÉchirolles (FR)Théâtre la Rampe
Oct 02, 2010VANGUARDIA JONDAVienne (FR)Théâtre de Vienne
Oct 06, 2010VANGUARDIA JONDAToulon (FR)Rencontres Artistiques Méditerranéennes du Var
Oct 12, 2011VANGUARDIA JONDAAuxerre (FR)Théâtre Dauxerre
Oct 14, 2011VANGUARDIA JONDANoisy-Le-Sec (FR)Théâtre des Berderies
Oct 18, 2011VANGUARDIA JONDAChateau-Gonthier (FR)Théâtre des Ursulines
Oct 20, 2011VANGUARDIA JONDAAlençon (FR)Théâtre Dalan
Oct 21, 2011VANGUARDIA JONDASuresnes (FR)Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar
Mar 30, 2012VANGUARDIA JONDAChartres (FR)
Jun 01, 2012VANGUARDIA JONDARemscheid (DE)Teatro Teo Otto
Nov 18, 2012VANGUARDIA JONDAMoscow (RU)Central House of Artist
May 17, 2013VANGUARDIA JONDAThonon-Evian (FR)Théâtre la Maison des Arts



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