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Convinced that flamenco is fully capable of dialoguing with other art forms, and in full artistic maturity, Andrés Marín joined forces with hip-hop dancer/choreographer Kader Attou for an encounter between flamenco and modern dance, together with the duo Eva Yerbabuena+Carolyn Carlson, at the Chaillot National Theater´s first Flamenco Bienal of Paris in June of 2013. The sold-out performance was broadcasted live by arteliveweb.com of the Franco-German cultural channel Arte.

Later, in 2015, when the Philharmonie de Paris invited Marín to choreograph and star in a show for their weekend "India", he asked Kader Attou to co-direct it. With YATRA opposites join and bring Marín face to face with two hip hop dancers from Attou's Accrorap company, as well as with the Divine Ensemble of Rajasthan, who contributes live music... the friction of an urban dance with flamenco gestures, a vibrant cultural friction, a vision without nostalgia of ancestral India. YATRA premiered at the Lucent DansTheater for the Flamenco Biennale NL and was featured in venues such as the Manège Scène Nationale de Maubeuge, the MC2: Grenoble, the Maison des Arts de Créteil, Montpellier Danse 2016 or La Maison de la Danse de Lyon.






    ANDRES MARIN & Kader Attou