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The year 24 symbolises an attempt to expand and innovate flamenco. While some adhered to the strictest canons of this art, others explored fresh approaches to attract a new audience.

On this path, combining respect for tradition with Marín's avant-garde character, Op. 24 finds its place in this context of transition and freedom where classical tradition provides the foundation for the artist to develop his most personal style.

Therefore, this is a vibrant and evolving show which serves as research for Marín, as if it were a laboratory of creation in which the artist incorporates all his movements to evoke the historical awareness of such a decisive time caught between the very essence of flamenco art and the progression towards broader forms of expression.


première L'Avant-Scène de Cognac, FRANCE, 2006

artistic direction Andrés Marín
musical direction Andrés Marín, Salvador Gutiérrez
choreography Andrés Marín
dance Andrés Marín
special guest singer Segundo Falcón
guitar Salvador Gutiérrez


Feb 08, 2011OP.24Grasse (FR)Théâtre de Grasse
Feb 09, 2011OP.24Grasse (FR)Théâtre de Grasse
Sep 30, 2011OP.24Montbéliard (FR)Théâtre Montbéliard
Oct 22, 2011OP.24Cusset (FR)Théâtre de Cusset
Nov 16, 2011OP.24Estambul (TR)Instituto Cervantes
Jul 05, 2013OP.24Monterrey (MX)Gran Teatro de la Ciudad
Jan 25, 2014OP.24Saint Herblain (FR)L'Onyx+Info
Jan 28, 2014OP.24Cherbourg (FR)Théâtre de la Butte+Info
Jan 29, 2014OP.24Cherbourg (FR)Théâtre de la Butte+Info
Jan 30, 2014OP.24Deauville (FR)Théâtre du Casino Barriere+Info
Jan 31, 2014OP.24Bezons (FR)Théâtre Paul Eluard+Info
Mar 04, 2014OP.24Sevilla (ES)Teatro Central